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23 Oct 2019

New General Leaflet

Category Standard trucks Custom trucks Communication

Download our brand new GENERAL LEAFLET, 2019 Ed.! The graphic has been renewed and all the contents have been updated. Inside the brochure you will find not only our Standard Series, but also a very wide range of Custom Trucks, which we developed and created for our Customers. Our Standard Series are: Electric pallet trucks Electric pallet trucks, Large Capacity Versions Electric stackers...
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19 Jun 2019

CTS-R Series with reach mast

Category Custom trucks

If you have at least one of these problems: you need to handle loads without the bulk of the forks on the ground you cannot use a forklift truck because of its dimensions and costs you don't want to charge yourself with the costs and charges of the driver's license you can't use the "straddle legs" solution you can't buy a reach truck ... Then we offer you an effective, economical and...
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12 Apr 2019

CER 374: the handling of large formats in Ceramics

Category Custom trucks Communication

The ceramics sector is evolving fast and its products too. They increase in size, for exemple, to become a completely different tool of use: would you have aver imagined that a "tile" could have become the kitchen counter? As a consequence, a new problem arises: how can these large slabs be handled? Of course we have many ideas for you: on platforms, with or without lifting with the forks, in...
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CER 374
12 Feb 2019

CER 373: material handling in the ceramic market according to ICEM

Category Custom trucks Communication

ICEM is a partner that has been supporting the ceramics sector for a long time. We have been providing customized pallet trucks to solve the logistical problems that evolve and change over time. In the "Giornale della Ceramica CER nr. 373", in the special on "Packaging, Handling and Logistics", we have given space to several ideas that we already realized, to remember that we can supply a...
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CER 373
22 Jan 2019

TP Series with tilting forks

Category Custom trucks

You can often use a pallet truck to do what you would do with a forklift, but with lower costs, reduced dimensions and without a driver's license. Our TP series is very versatile and, as an example, we show you the TP-TM version with tilting forks to tilt the load, with a taller load backrest extension. Watch the video to better understand how the inclination of the forks works! We remind you...
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