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Somos una empresa dinámica y en constante evolución: seguid nuestras novedades para obtener todas las actualizaciones más recientes de nuestros productos , los eventos donde participamos, nuestras comunicaciones y todo lo que respecta al mundo Icem.

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12 jul 2019

Chiusi per ferie

We inform you that we will be closed for Summer Holidays from the 1st until the 31st of August.   We'll talk to you again on September the 2nd!   Enjoy this Summer Holidays :)
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19 jun 2019

Serie CTS-R con montante retrattile

Categoría Carretillas especiales

If you have at least one of these problems:   you need to handle loads without the bulk of the forks on the ground you cannot use a forklift truck because of its dimensions and costs you don't want to charge yourself...
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12 abr 2019

CER 374: la movimentazione dei grandi formati nelle Ceramiche

Categoría Carretillas especiales Comunicación

The ceramics sector is evolving fast and its products too. They increase in size, for exemple, to become a completely different tool of use: would you have aver imagined that a "tile" could have become the kitchen...
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12 feb 2019

CER 373: la logistica nelle ceramiche secondo ICEM

Categoría Carretillas especiales Comunicación

ICEM is a partner that has been supporting the ceramics sector for a long time. We have been providing customized pallet trucks to solve the logistical problems that evolve and change over time.   In the "Giornale...
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Diseño modular

El diseño modular de nuestras máquinas permite proyectos en tiempos rápidos y entregas puntuales y veloces.

Can Bus

Tecnología Can Bus

Toda la gama ICEM emplea la tecnología Can Bus para alcanzar los estándares de seguridad más elevados y la máxima eficiencia.

Commposer & SolidWorks

Instrumentos a la vanguardia

ICEM elige SolidWorks y Composer para proyecto y documentación técnica.