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ICEM has been providing cutting edge solutions since the 1960s

1961 - ICEM s.p.a. is founded
Icem starts its activities. The company is focussed on the production of battery chargers for lift trucks.


1963 - The first pallet truck
Icem receives the first request: we decide to increase our product range with the first pallet trucks for internal handling.


1964 - Widening our product range
The electronic weighing machines for food and electronic piece counting machines are introduced in the range of products. The design and the full manufacturing of the machines are carried out completely within the company.


1968 – 24V
Technology changes, thus the pallet trucks also change from 12V to 24V.


1970 - High standards are achieved.
Start of the production of high-lift pallet trucks.


1971 – Widening our range
Start of the manufacture of special automatic packaging machines.

The experience gained in the design of automatic machines in general proves to be of great help in the advancement of technology on special pallet trucks.


1986 – We specialise: only handling equipment.
The request for the range of our pallet trucks becomes greater and greater so we decide to abandon other areas and focus on the development of a range of pallet trucks of any kind, including special versions, for the internal movement of goods.


1999 - New corporate structure
Icem becomes family-managed, with Gian Carlo Rondinini at the head of the company and his children Elena and Gianni at his side. The aim is to provide continuity and ensure a secure future.


2001 - Adoption of Separate Excitation


2005 - Adoption of Alternate Current


2014 - First equipment with twin engine drive and power assisted steering


2015 - New control head


2016 - Lifting with proportional solenoid valve and Power assisted steering standard on trucks with wheel steering 

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